Hold onto your hats, it's going to be a bumpy ride! Thank you for stopping by and joining me for a while. I've recently been juggling (as all mums do) more balls than I am comfy with, and just when I felt like a professional juggler - BAM!! I get hit with this - BREAST CANCER!! I'm hoping that writing this blog will serve as some sort of therapy for me, to get me through this 'rough patch' ahead.... if it's interesting, entertaining, thought provoking or helpful to anyone else out there then that's an added bonus. If you like what you read, please visit again or click the "join" button below, and feel free to spread the word.

Monday, 20 February 2012

Never ask your Mum to wash your hair!

I thought the experience of letting my mum wash my hair for me would be soothing, comforting and a lovely bonding experience.   It didn't exactly turn out this way.   Bless the poor love, it just seemed like she had no experience of washing someone else's hair - ever!!!  I'm amazed she can even do her own.  Firstly, having trouble getting the shampoo out of the bottle - errr you open it and squeeze it Mum.   She seemed to think it was a magic pump dispenser number.   Anyway she figured it out and then proceeded to splash and flick water and shampoo all over the place, mostly in my face.   I quipped "no wonder Gem (our old dog) would run off when you tried to bath her!"  We did laugh though.  It was rather funny.   I am 38, she is 68.  I guess her brain was overwhelmed with finding itself in this situation.  It's not something you think you are going to need to do once your wee girlie grows into an independent woman.    But, here we are.   Because I had an operation on my breast and need to take extra care to keep the dressings dry, I am currently unable to wash my own hair - how long for, I don't know!!
I guess Mum is going to have time to perfect her technique.


  1. I am glad you are able to laugh as it is really the best medicine. I'm also glad your mom is there to do this for you. You sound close. Am sorry that you've had to have this operation and wish you all the best for the future.

    1. thank you pinkoddy for your message! you are first ever message on my blogg - yay!
      Its kind of you to take time out to comment. Me and Mum are close really, but she does drive me nuts sometimes. :)

  2. How funny! I can picture it txx