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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Still waiting...

it's been quite a while now since my blood test, and I'm still waiting for the results phone call, but been assured that I will hear by the end of this week.    So although I try not to think about it, I'll be making an effort to keep the ringer on my mobile ON (I often have it on silent),  and I can't really help but imagine, how I will react when I get the news.   I think it's important to prepare myself for the worst.   All my friends and family have done a great job of being positive, saying "you'll be fine" and try not to think about it.  Which I appreciate, but I kind of HAVE to think about it, in the worst terms, so that I don't completely freak out if I get bad news.   I will need to keep a lid on my emotions as the children will be with me and they haven't a clue any of this is going on.
And of course, if you have kids you will know what I mean, when you try to have a private phone call, that is the precise time that they need your attention urgently and they won't stop bugging you until they've got it!  I have been known to lock myself in the bathroom before now, in an attempt to get some privacy whilst on the phone.   
So, anyway, my way of dealing with this dodgy week ahead and avoid the waiting game - like I haven't waited long enough - is to fill my week AND my house, with children!  Other people's, not just my own.    Having just typed this fact, I realise now that it was probably a very stupid idea.    Oh well, tomorrow I'm looking after 3 more kiddliwinks for a friend, so she can have some valuable quiet time to pack for their holidays.  So I could well be hiding in the bathroom from 5 kids whilst on that very important phone call, instead of 2.   The phone call will need to be brief and to the point then.
Another distraction technique, which I have much enjoyed today, is spending money!  This morning I was rather spontaneous and just booked myself and the hubster into a London hotel for our wedding anniversary at the end of the month!   I woke up and thought, why not - a treat is needed for us both.  So I just went and booked it.  None of this dithering over it for days or weeks like I normally would.  Job done.  Something to look forward to - it always helps!
Right, that's all for now - watch this space for some GOOD news folks! xx

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