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Friday, 11 October 2013

Hair update

For those of you who have read my posts from last year during my Annus horribilis (check Me out! that's Latin that is!), you may remember my new Skinhead look, well I thought I would post you a picture to show how much my hair has grown back.

I have many bad hair days but I'm really pleased with how its coming along.   This photo shows my slightly Grannyish blow dried look, but I often sport it in "messy mode" when I can't be bothered to dry it properly and it goes all flicky and wavy.  My DH says it has "more character" that way, mmmmmmm is that a compliment? not really sure, but he means well poor bloke.  The colour is very different to how I was pre Chemo.   As a child I was blonde so I kept lightening it for most of my adult life, briefly going dark auburn which I found too severe, so went back to blondie again.   Anyway, I haven't coloured my hair at all this year apart from a wash out Light Ash Brown back in April but during the summer it seems to have gone rather auburn on the top layer -  I quite like it and can't see many greys so it is staying for now.

My aim is to grow it into a wavy bob near my chin by my big 4-0 birthday in January.   I have to mention my lovely friend K who has been trimming my hair for me, keeping the dreaded mullet at bay - I always love our chats and a cuddle with Rosie (a gorgeous yellow Labrador).

Anyway, enough about me.... x

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