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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Just a sharp scratch.........

If you read my first post then you'll know that on 15th Feb I had an operation to remove the lump in my breast.  Sam The Man (my consultant) removed the horrid lump as well as the 'sentinel lymph node' in my arm pit.   He has then sent it all off to the Lab for testing and hopefully, this Thursday, I will find out that the lurgy has NOT spread anywhere else and then I can get on with phase 2 of my treatment, which will hopefully be Radiotherapy.  I say hopefully, cos if I'm going to have Chemotherapy then I will have to have that first.  And, I'm getting vibes that Chemo will be the worst part of my 'cancer journey', making me more sick and tired and the disease itself has yet.

This is just a quick post to say my operation went quite well really.  All the staff at the hospital were really lovely, quite jolly and did everything they could to make the whole experience less traumatic.  The Day Surgery Center was clean and newly kitted out.  The only thing that has become a bug bear of mine is when the Nurse says, shortly before jabbing you with a needle, that you should expect "just a sharp scratch..."
A sharp scratch is something you get from a playful cat, NOT the seering pain of a pointy, long, hard, metal (sometimes FAT) needle!!!    I realise I need to get over this, as I have many more sharp scratches ahead I am sure.

So today is day 4 after my op.  Now that my mind has overcome the depressive cloud of the general anaesthetic, I have been left with a small wound and a few stitches just in front of my armpit.  Its a bit tight and slightly sore, nothing major.  Sometimes my left arm feels a little numb, but I was expecting this.    My left breast is stitched and bruised, slightly blue (from the dye used during the operation) and is looking a little deflated, poor thing.  But really I feel I have had a lucky escape, and I WILL wear that little black dress (see picture) once more.  Sam The Man did a good job.

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