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Sunday, 17 November 2013

10K Triumph!

So today was a very big day, a mile stone you might say.   Well actually is wasn't a mile, it was 6!!   Today I took part in my first proper "race", the Brooks 10K in Brighton & Hove.  Back in the summer, as the memory of Race for Life began to fade, I was struggling with keeping up the momentum of getting out there regularly to run/jog and my fitness was suffering as a result.   A friend had asked me a few times to sign up for the 10K and I had flatly refused, it just seemed too far! for a newby to running.  Anyhow then my lovely sister-in-law said she was doing it, as did my Step Father who is nearly 70, so OF COURSE I had to sign up! How could I not?!

My training has been regular but I actually only managed two practice 10k's prior to today.   I have done plenty of 5k's now and few 7-8k's but always found it too much hard work to push myself on to the 10 on a regular basis.    So my Personal Best before today was 1 hour 11 mins - but today, boy did I beat it!    It does help that the Brooks is on very flat ground all along the promenade.   And it certainly helps that you have 2700 people running along with you.   But I am well chuffed to say that I ran it in 1 hr 4 mins & 27 secs!!   its all about the seconds you know.   It was great to run alongside my sister in law as we go at a similar pace but each didn't want the other to get in front! So actually we pushed each other along.   I shall be cheeky saying this but I beat her by 1 second! 

I really did push myself and I shall be paying for it tomorrow, my muscles are seizing up as I type.   I have to say how proud I am am of my Step Father.   He has been jogging since April this year and is aiming at running the Brighton Marathon next year.   He looks amazing, full of life and vitality and I felt very proud to see him run today.   Here we are with our medals....

Another reason to be proud is that we ran as part of a team raising money for SANDS, the stillbirth and neonatal death charity

Back in the summer I laughed at the suggestion of me running a 10K.    Today I laugh at the suggestion of me running a half marathon (a natural progression?) - so watch this space....


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