Hold onto your hats, it's going to be a bumpy ride! Thank you for stopping by and joining me for a while. I've recently been juggling (as all mums do) more balls than I am comfy with, and just when I felt like a professional juggler - BAM!! I get hit with this - BREAST CANCER!! I'm hoping that writing this blog will serve as some sort of therapy for me, to get me through this 'rough patch' ahead.... if it's interesting, entertaining, thought provoking or helpful to anyone else out there then that's an added bonus. If you like what you read, please visit again or click the "join" button below, and feel free to spread the word.

Thursday, 23 February 2012


It's been 1 week and a day since my operation.    I have been in pain and discomfort for most of the week, whilst my wounds are healing.    It's not sharp, constant pain, more like pinchy, twisting, uncomfortable twinges.   All my friends and family have rallied around me.  I cannot quite believe the amount of flowers, cards and gifts I have received.    So many lovely thoughts and things, that it's almost worth getting breast cancer for!   Joke - you've got to laugh haven't you.    I've spent most of the week chatting, laughing, crying, drinking tea, eating cake and chocolate and generally sitting around recuperating, whilst my beloved DH has been doing EVERYTHING else.   The school run, the ironing, the housework, the cooking, the shopping, bath & bedtime for the kids - you name it and he has done it. If it were up to me he'd be given a Knighthood for all that he's done and will continue to do (no doubt).   And I love him, with all my heart.    Of course, what we have really been doing all week is just waiting.

Waiting for today to come, when I would receive the results of tests they've run on the lump and sentinel ymph node which Sam the Man (my consultant surgeon) removed.  When I woke this morning I had a strong feeling that today was a turning point.  Life would not be the same after wards.  Yeah I know it's already changed significantly in the past weeks.   The appointment wasn't until this afternoon so this morning I went out for walk to enjoy the glorious blue sky and it was so warm I regretted wearing a coat!   I thought it was simply impossible to receive bad news on such a beautiful day.

Okay, now I'll cut to the chase (I know you are all busy) - we got to the hospital and were very soon called in (yep no waiting around for an hour - amazing!).   My DH and I entered the examination room and the nurse asked me to strip to the waist (I'm used to this now), then very quickly the room was filled with 4 more people. Yikes! I had an audience.  At this point alarm bells started ringing - did they really need this extra back up to break the news to me?  There was the Consultant (Sam the Man's boss), the Macmillan nurse, the clinic nurse, and another woman, who turned out to be a doctor (in training I think).   The Consultant takes a quick look at my wounds and is very pleased with them, they are healing nicely, I've done "really well".  He might as well have patted me on the head!  So then I get dressed and go into the little office next door, for the main event - THE RESULTS!  (queue X-Factor style dramatic music).......I braced myself.      He says that the tests on my lymph node are negative! and the 'margins' on the lump are also clear!  The cancer has not spread.   WHOOP WHOOP!! I nearly jumped for joy.  This is such a relief.  He could well have been saying the opposite and booking me in for more surgery.    I consider myself oh so VERY lucky to still have 2 whole breasts.  Me and 'the girls' have had a narrow escape.  Finally, after a shitty 2011 and even shittier start to 2012, we get some GOOD NEWS!!!

This is not the end of the journey though.   I have an appointment with the Oncologist next Thursday to discuss my treatment plan which will be chemotherapy first, then radiotherapy - all of which should be done and dusted by oh..............July or August.  So watch this space if you want to find out what a Cold Cap and a Chemo Caddy is!! xx


  1. What great news .... and there had to be good news on such a beautiful day for such lovely people like you + Steve lol x

  2. I nearly jumped for joy too and I don't even know you!! Whoop whoop! Good for you! I hope this is the first in a long line of excellent news. Sarah x

  3. What excellent news - I am so pleased for you. I do love how you can be so positive about it all - I'd have felt sick to the stomach whilst waiting. Best of luck with your treatment.

  4. Oh thank god! I am sure the chemo is miserable but I'm so glad to read this next chapter. Off to read the next one (I think I'm a little bit hooked now;)