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Sunday, 9 December 2012

Exercise and Me - One week in ...

I'm pleased to confirm that since Tuesday I kept going.    Yoga on Wednesday and then as the weather was wet and snowy on Thursday and Friday I did my Wii Just Dance.   Which my husband thinks is just dancing around but you do actually have to follow the routine and if you pick the songs with the higher sweat rating they do really get my heart going and leave me panting.   After doing 30 mins and just over 2000 'sweat points' on Thursday, which I was proud of, I told my BF who has been doing Just Dance workouts and others for over a year and she basically told me I should aim higher and sweat more.  2000 points didn't cut it with her!  You can read her diet blog here.    She's right to keep pushing me, and it worked.  On Friday I did over 3000 points and finally felt that so far illusive, adrenaline rush!!   I was knackered and wanting to stop but I kept pushing myself and then I was flying - not literally.   But I felt the 'rush' of a new burst of energy, and then felt ecstatic to have beaten my target.

I've been very disciplined about fitting my exercise in.  Even on Thursday which was a very busy day for me, I had been Christmas shopping around town in the morning and usually that would be enough to knacker me out for the rest of the day.  But I came home, had some lunch and then got down to it.  Yesterday was a rest day, and then today at about 9.15 a.m I donned my new running shoes and off I went!   The weather this morning was perfect for it, dry and cool, not cold.  I've also bought one of those handy ipod holders you can strap to your arm.  So as you run you have your favourite tunes on and I also use the App mapmyride to measure how far I have been. So this morning I set the App to walk mode, but I ran approx 40% of my walk.  This is only my second trip out, attempting to run, and my running bursts felt good, a bit longer than the first time and much more comfy thanks to my new trainers.

I covered 4.05km in 34 minutes.   Walking doesn't burn many calories unfortunately, but I definitely worked up a sweat and came home invigorated, yet breathless, and ruddy faced!!   My aim is to build up my running bursts so that I am running at least 60% of the time.    Fingers crossed the weather in the coming week is dry as I much prefer to be out exercising than indoors.   I forgot to get myself weighed but will do so soon. Onwards and upwards!   I'll leave you with a new photo of me, check out the hair growth!!

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