Hold onto your hats, it's going to be a bumpy ride! Thank you for stopping by and joining me for a while. I've recently been juggling (as all mums do) more balls than I am comfy with, and just when I felt like a professional juggler - BAM!! I get hit with this - BREAST CANCER!! I'm hoping that writing this blog will serve as some sort of therapy for me, to get me through this 'rough patch' ahead.... if it's interesting, entertaining, thought provoking or helpful to anyone else out there then that's an added bonus. If you like what you read, please visit again or click the "join" button below, and feel free to spread the word.

Monday, 29 April 2013

Hula Hula Holiday

Hello dear Readers, I must apologise again for my lack of blogging in recent times.   I guess I have just been too busy living!  But I thought I would let you know what I’ve been up to and this may be of particular interest to anyone who is just going through or been through cancer treatment and feels like booking a much needed and deserved vacation/holiday.

My family and I have not long returned for a fabulous 2 weeks away in Orlando!! We went with some good friends, a whole family and stayed in a villa with its own pool, so there was plenty of room for us all and it was a much needed refuge from the craziness of the theme parks we frequented for most of our trip.

Now if you’ve had cancer treatment you will know that there is lots of talk out there about how hard it is, yet how very important it is, to get decent travel insurance before you go anywhere.   I have heard scare stories of it costing more than £300 to get cover, particularly when travelling to America.   However in my experience, it really isn’t like that.    I’ve had 2 trips abroad since finishing my treatment, once to Majorca and then this one - for both trips I found cover that was affordable and included all my ‘pre-existing medical conditions’.     The insurance for Orlando cost us £172 for 2 weeks for a family of 4.    It’s a fair amount I know, but certainly not an astronomical cost that would prevent us from going.    So if you are in a similar position to myself, please check out Medici Travel when looking around for quotes.

Another thing to consider if you are going on holiday and have had radiotherapy is you must keep your treated skin out of the sun.   I was told numerous times by various doctors and nurses that I must take extra precautions in the sun for at least the next 5 years, as the skin is very sensitive and liable to burn easily.    I take this very seriously as we all know what sunburned skin can turn into at any point later on – skin cancer.    I knew that we’d be out in the sun a lot on holiday, and probably in our swimming costumes a fair bit enjoying the villa pool or water parks, so I had to be prepared.    I decided to get a Rash Vest, it’s basically a t-shirt made from swimming costume fabric which has a high SPF factor, usually 30 or 50.   Now, trying to buy one that fits was rather challenging.   I started with the old faithful,, ordered my regular size, but when it arrived I could barely get it over my head and when I eventually did squeeze myself into it, it was not a good look and did nothing for my fragile self esteem, so I sent it packing.   Now unless you live in a surfers paradise (I’m thinking Torquay or somewhere like that), Rash Vests do not feature in the stock of your high street shops, so after making some enquiries of people in the know about such things, I found a very well stocked surf shop down in Hove and it was well worth the drive there as I got a Rash Vest I was able to fit into and almost feel good in.   It turned out that once I added sunshine and was standing amongst every body shape known to man in an Orlando water park I felt pretty darn good in it after all!!!   My little tip is to wear a one-piece swimming costume underneath, NOT a bikini, to help smooth out any lumps and bumps.

Me in 'the rash vest' doing the Hula with Lilo

So, aside from having this Holiday Of A Lifetime – which included swimming with dolphins and exotic sea life, dining at Cinderella’s Table (no less) in Magic Kingdom and whizzing upside down and every which way on roller coasters and crazy simulator rides – I have been getting fitter.   Keeping up my jogging/walking, yoga and kettlebell workouts (not whilst on holiday, I am NOT that disciplined!) and although I still have a way to go I know that I am stronger and fitter for it.    I’m entering the Race for Life again this year, and this time I intend on running it! All of it.    Even if it kills me – which of course it won’t, so

When I’m not exercising, I am being Mum; cleaner, cook, peacekeeper, PA, researcher, counselor and carer.    Fortunately, and thanks to my wonderful Husband we are not desperate for money, so I don’t need to add another job to my plate – not yet anyway.  But I do spend time wondering what direction to go in next.   I am knocking on 40 and still have no idea what my vocation in life should be.   Oh well I am sure it will come to me eventually!  In the meantime I am going to keep getting fitter and improving on my Mummy skills, AND hopefully in the not too distant future, will be welcoming a new member to the family – a beautiful fluffy little puppy!!  Now that WILL keep me busy.   Watch this space!  X