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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Puppy love ...

Yes I know its be AGES since my last post! What can I say? Life just gets in the way sometimes.

So if anyone is gagging to know... my diet has pretty much petered out!   I can hear those "I told you so's" from here.    I stopped my Fast Diet the first week we got our new puppy.   It is very much like having a new baby, and believe me, fasting and babies do not mix.  You need energy for those early mornings and constant worrying and watching baby's every move.  OK, I know here the comparison ends, puppies are much more mobile than a new born baby - and I have never spent so much time in my garden, watching his every move and trying (in vain) to make sure he doesn't eat stuff that he shouldn't!    Prior to Max's arrival we thought our garden was Puppy Friendly because we blocked up places he could escape.   Errrrm - wrong!!!  NOW it is almost Puppy Friendly cos we have blocked off more spaces, cut back lots of bushes and cleared the ground of potentially poisonous fallen damsons and pears.  Apparently the stones and pips of such fruit are toxic to dogs!   I so wish I read this before he came home!

Anyway, I digress.   Max our puppy is a gorgeous black Labrador.   He is 10 weeks old tomorrow and has settled in really well.   So maybe now I can turn my attention back to what I eat, or don't eat.

Having said this my weight is down.   I did purchase some new scales.  My first "Home weigh in" on 18th Sept was 59.9kg (9st 4lb) which I was very pleased with.    Today I have weighed in (after breakfast, if it makes any odds) at 58.5kg (9st 2lb).   So YAY for the loss but that is over 3 weeks, so not great.    At least it's not a gain.

My scales read my BMI too - very clever, who knows how accurate it is!   So my current BMI is 23.7.  Better, but I want it to be closer to 20.  23.7 is still quite close to 25 and if your BMI is 25 or over, you are officially overweight.  As far as measurements go, my belly - at the fattest part, is now 37 inches and my waist is 31.5 inches.  So only a loss of 1 inch around my fat belly but it's good.    I'm glad I've taken the time to type this up and now I can see it's clear I need to keep going.    I think I will try just cutting calories and less carbs a few days a week as well as keeping up my exercise.   The problem with the Fast Diet for me is not the fasting, that became quite easy, but the day after, when I usually wanted to go out and jog, I just felt sapped of energy and reluctant to take any exercise.    I am training for this 10k in November, so my body needs fuel to perform well.

This past week I have slipped into eating the odd chocolate bar here and there, nibbling of an evening, so I'm gonna cut that out and stay focused.   I want to get down to 9 stone and stay there for a bit.

Once our Max is able to go out for walks, life will settle into a better routine for me.  At the moment, and for 2 more weeks, he is confined to the house and garden, which I think we are both bored of and its not conducive to healthy eating.

Fortunately, I have been able to get out for some jogging sessions and my usual Thursday morning "boot camp" style workout, otherwise I would probably have gone insane by now!

Having Max is wonderful, but has been exhausting and very repetitive during his first weeks here. Calling "Wee Wee's" and "Down Max", "No Max!!" about 1000 times a day.     He is sleeping at the moment and really I should be cleaning upstairs whilst he does so, but I've been on here doing this, so I hope someone reads this and appreciates it!!!  bye for now. x


  1. I appreciate it!! Well done and yes I agree you need energy to exercise and exercising is far more important than fasting etc!! xx

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