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Thursday, 14 February 2013


Happy Valentine's Day everyone! to all my family and wonderful friends, blog followers and of course my loving husband,  I LOVE YOU ALL! and thanks for being in my life and making it richer.

I'm urging you to spread the love today, not just to your partner if you have one, but to anyone and everyone in your life whom you cherish.   Go for it, don't hold back, you might just make their day.

I am spreading the love this year because when I think about last year's Valentine's Day bad memories just come flooding back.    I spent Val Day last year at the hospital, having radioactive fluid injected into my breast and then preparing for my surgery the next day.  You can read more about this here.   I guess it wasn't all bad scary stuff as we did manage to squeeze in a Valentine's lunch in a proper restaurant.  You see, no matter how shit life is, there is always space for romance!

Come the evening though, I did feel sorry for myself as I was on Nil By Mouth and obviously full of anxiety about what the following day would bring.     Looking back at my posts about the operation I realise I didn't say too much, probably because I just couldn't think straight.  There was so much I could have said and I just felt overwhelmed by it all.    One lasting memory I have is of the medical staff.   Mainly the Anaesthetist - what a wonderful man!!  He was young, younger than me and just had the most amazing chirpy, confident manner about him.   You literally couldn't help but trust him with your life.     He talked about the general anaesthetic in terms of drinking wine, after the initial dose (first glass) I would feel chilled out and then as he topped it up (2nd glass and so on) I would feel all warm and very dozy, until quite quickly I would be out cold, as if I'd drunk a fair few bottles!   But I wouldn't have a hideous hangover, no banging headache or nausea when I awoke because of all the painkillers and anti nausea meds he would give me whilst in theatre.   He probably says the same thing to all his patients if they're of drinking age, but it really felt like he was taking care of ME and speaking to me in terms I would understand and appreciate.

So my operation is a distant memory now.   The scars are there and I doubt my boob will ever feel completely 'normal' again, but at least its lurgy free and I'm still fighting!

Another reason I have to spread the love today is my kids' school community need it.   We've had some very sad news yesterday but I'm going to write more about this in a separate post.... X

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