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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

2nd day of my new routine

So yesterday I walked (and ran a bit don't forget) 2.87 km (1 mile) which really was just a warm up to get me started in my new exercise regime, but come last night my leg muscles and feet had nearly seized up!  I think they were in shock!  I treated myself to a nice hot bath and did some extra stretches, but was definitely feeling it when I got out of bed this morning.
To be disciplined about getting my exercise done each day it helps if I get up, have a quick wash (no shower) and put my work out gear on straight away. Then I'm set.  Get the kids to school and then I can put my energy into getting fit.  Today I went out on my bike.  I rode 6.19km (3 miles - there's an App for that!) which included a couple of small hills which felt like mountains to me!  I'm aware that this distance isn't exactly far, my 8 year old could do it, but I definitely worked my body, became breathless and pushed myself.   It was almost freezing out there and at times I thought "I hate this!! It's NOT fun!". But by the end of my trip I was happy and proud of myself.   I'm not looking forward to my muscles objecting later though!
For me this isn't about losing weight, but next time I'm in town I will weigh myself in Boots (I dont own bathroom scales) as it will be good to see some pounds shed as a happy side effect.  Tomorrow it's yoga, which will hurt but my muscles need a good stretch!

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  1. well done - I did the wii dance with wrist weights for 45 mins was going to go on bike tomorrow but meant to be very cold - what app do you have M got me one x